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Politechnika Śląska (Silesian University of Technology)

Politechnika Śląska - państwowa wyższa uczelnia techniczna w Gliwicach.
Silesian University of Technology is a technical university located in Gliwice, Silesia, Poland. The Silesian University of Technology is one of the biggest technical universities in Poland. Its rich, over 60-year-old, tradition makes it the oldest in Upper Silesia and one of the oldest in the country. The University was founded on May 24, 1945 and Gliwice was chosen for its seat despite initial plans to locate it in Katowice. What made the city stand out from other places in Upper Silesia was space potential it offered. Here, empty buildings, grouped in a small area, could be converted and used for didactic and administrative purposes as well as turned into halls of residence for students and teachers. The concept went along with a far reaching vision to establish an academic district. Another strength of Gliwice were research workers and students of the former Technical University in Lvov who were resettled here after World War II.
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